I  Found  U Collective

I Found U is a global collective of interdisciplinary artists with a committment to discourse and collaboration. The artists were brought together through an online residency which took place during the pandemic, the context of which created a heightened sense of interconnectedness, mutual precarity and care that infused and informed our artistic inquiries at that time. Over the following months, our discussions expanded beyond the moment to include environmental, sociological, and economic concerns.

Albert Abdul-Barr Wang 

Edie Beaucage 

Marisa Bernotti

Heather Brammeier 

Nina Gospodin 

Thomas Hecht Ribas 

James Jaxxa 

Elena Kalkova

Janet Lee 

Anne Macmillan 

Nigel Meager 

Esmeralda Momferratou

Clark Valentine

Marika Whitaker  

Patrick Winfield Vogel  

Leman Akpinar

Dua Rabay